Friday, 29 April 2011


Welcome to 'Extra' Voluptuous Nudes the sister site showcase of  which is filled to bursting point with paintings and sculptures of extremely voluptuous female nudes.

CLICK HERE to visit 'Novelty Nudes' the Online shop of the artist where you can buy original 'Voluptuous Nudes' artwork and prints.

Enjoy this little taster of  'Voluptuous Nudes' art.... 

Voluptuous Nude Oil Painting
(40 x 30 inches)

Female Nude Oil Painting
'Queen of Hearts'
(30 x 24 inches)

Voluptuous Female Nude Oil Painting
'Golden Girl'
(48 x 24 inches)

Nude Oil Painting
'Lady Luck'
(48 x 24 inches, detail)

Female Nude
(48 x 24 inches)

Nude Pin Up

Pin Up

Female Nude Drawing
'Standing Female Nude with Arms  Raised'
(36 x 12 inches)

Female Nude Sculpture

Life Size Female Nude Statue
(This sculpture is for sale, Email me using the address below for details.)

Life Size Female Nude Statue

Head of Female Nude Statue

'The Statue of Liberty'

'Angel of the North'

'Female Nude Statue'

For your entertainment:

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